Yexley Coat if Arms
Yexley - Yaxley Claims to fame

Here we hope to build a portfolio of the Yexleys,Yaxleys, Yeaxlee etc and illustrate parts of their life ...and death! If you can add to these or indeed expand upon them please make contact.

Venerable Richard Yaxley - 1589 Richard Yaxley was tortured, hung, drawn and quartered in 1589. Article
Mrs ? Yaxley - 1864
Queen's Theatre London.

In 1864 Herbert Masson was Leader of the Band, Mrs. Yaxley was Costumier, and Mr. Barrs was Machinist. In 1865 Charles James James was Acting Manager and F. Dewar was Stage Manager. Article

Harold Yexley
(Alive & Well !!)

Harold Yexley was the former Ministry of Works and advised about the Emmanuel College, Oxford. Article

John Yaxley 1660

Captain John Yaxley, a Puritan supporter of Cromwell and rector between 1660 and 1664. Article

Francis Yaxley

(probably the original Blackadder!!)

Francis Yaxley personally knew Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I. He was once locked away in the Tower of London. Article